What are your attendance policies?

Learn about our academic policies on attendance, withdrawal, course retake, leave of absence, and attendance probation.

Table of Contents

1. Attendance

2. Withdrawal Policy

3. Course Retake Policy

4. Leave of Absence

5. Attendance Probation

Divergence Academy’s attendance policy approximates the expectations found in a work situation. It is essential that each student learns the discipline of regular and prompt attendance as well as the skills involved in the workplace. At the time the student moves from education and training into a career, employers will be very interested in dependability and punctuality. No matter how skilled the person, an employee is valuable only when present on the job.   


The faculty and staff of Divergence Academy consider each moment in class imperative for success.When the student is not in the classroom, the information missed cannot be recaptured. Students who are excessively absent (25% or more of classroom hours) will be placed on probation without notice. If the student’s attendance does not improve, the student will be dropped from the program. Students will not be readmitted without approval of the primary instructor and Chief of Academic Officer. If a student is absent for a test he/she will be given an opportunity to retest at the earliest convenience of the instructor. Makeup classes may be required at the discretion of the instructor and with approval of the Chief Academic Officer.

Withdrawal Policy

Any student who withdraws from the program is subject to all accrued charges. All calculations will be based on the approved Refund Policy provided by the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges.

Course Retake Policy

  • Any enrolled student that fails a subject may repeat that subject free of cost one time only. Any student that fails a subject cannot proceed with the course until that subject is passed. If any single subject is failed twice the student must repeat the entire course and is required to re-enroll. In the case that a student passes a repeat subject but fails another subject that student must repeat the failed subject in order to continue the course but will be charged a fee of $10 per clock hour of the failed subject.
  • A student repeating a subject may not re-enroll before the next grading period.
  • Students who fail a course and choose not to re-enroll are subject to the conditions outlined within the Refund Policy.

Leave of Absence

Any student, for a good cause, may take a leave of absence. Students will be subject to the refund policy or upon return will be given credit according to the granting credit policy. LOA’s will be authorized in thirty (30) day intervals. A maximum of sixty days will be authorized after which the student will be terminated and must re-apply in order to begin classes again.

Attendance Probation

At least once a week, the Chief Academic Officer monitors the student attendance cards of all active students and calls those students that have missed one or two days during that week.

1. Perfect attendance is desired from each student; but 80% attendance average is mandatory.

2. A student must attend a minimum of 80% of the scheduled course. If a student does not attend at least 80%, the student will be dropped, and is subject to the Refund Policy.

3. Tardiness – every student is responsible for obtaining missed information due to tardiness. A student will be expelled after missing 20% of the scheduled clock hours due to tardiness and subject to the refund policy. If a student fails a subject due to tardiness that student is subject to the refund or repeat subject policies.

4. If expelled for unsatisfactory attendance or tardiness you may not re-enroll before the start of the next grading period.

5. No makeup work will be granted - only tutoring.

6. If a student is dismissed due to tardiness or not attending a minimum of 80% of the scheduled course and wants to re-enroll the student must:

Student must:

a. Write a letter requesting re-enrollment

b. Speak to School Director to obtain approval for Re-enrollment