Alumni Story: Keith Singleton

How Data Science Makes a PhD Easier to Achieve

Six months ago, Keith Singleton became a Divergence Academy graduate, completing the immersive Data Science boot camp available exclusively in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Keith was working toward his PhD when he decided to enroll at Divergence Academy.


Because he wanted to work in Data Science, a highly sought-after career path, and wrap up his PhD without incurring huge tuition costs. Keith has graduated Oklahoma University and was intent on pursuing his higher education.

Keith moved to Washington, DC, where he works and is continuing his PhD at George Mason University. What he thought would be a hard goal to achieve was more tangible than he realized.

He shared his thoughts with Sravan Ankaraju, founder and CEO of Divergence Academy, recently about why he recommends Divergence Academy as a valuable career step.

“Pursuing your dream career takes time, but if you stick with it, and have the encouragement from people like Divergence Academy, you can achieve what you dream,” Keith said. “Divergence Academy showed me how to use tools and resources for networking, meeting people, and improving my outreach,” he added.

Because Keith was in the Divergence Academy Data Science program, he became more well-known. He was being contacted regarding his career endeavors because employers knew the value he would add.

Keith had the advantage of studying abroad for several years in Southeast Asia, Morocco, and Japan, adding to his knowledge of a global environment.

What Keith would pass on to anyone who wants to elevate their chances for success in the field of Data Science is this:

“Divergence Academy played a huge role in moving my career forward. Through them, I made the contacts to pursue the work I love. The academy gave me direction and purpose,” Keith pointed out.

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