How do I job search?

A refreshingly honest, informative, and inspiring read written by our Director of Programs, Beth Lahaie, on effective, creative ways to job search (Star Wars references included of course).

 50% of the job market is not advertised on the job boards, so how do you find them?

1) Share with your network, “I’m searching for a job in Cybersecurity, if you know of anything, I’d appreciate an introduction”. That’s it, be brief, share this at your kid’s school events, sports games, social media, barber, coffee shop, wherever you go to be social. It may happen that someone you know knows someone that knows someone that is hiring. 

2) Do a Reverse Lookup. Drive around the areas that you’d like to work, and look for small, medium and large business names that you don’t recognize, write them down, look them up, see what they do and if interested reach out to someone an inquire about IT jobs. 

3) Did you follow step 1, and ask your spouse/partner/friend to share with their network that you are looking for a role in IT? It doesn’t matter who or what they come back with, it’s a potential warm introduction into a company from someone who can refer you internally. Don’t discount the lead, they may be a person of influence inside their company, regardless of whether or not they know anything about IT.

4) Participate in a professional organization (veteran, minority, cyber) Membership allows access to the network, regional and local chapters with person that may be hiring or working in the cybersecurity field.

5) Local focus groups on helping the unemployed. For example, in Dallas, lists all the workshops, network groups and more designed to help a person that is in transition. 

6) Non-profits are both potential places of employment and have job assistance resources for those that qualify. Check out Aunt Bertha, for the community resources available in your area:

7) Job title doesn’t matter, you are searching for a role that will utilize your skills in cybersecurity so that you can build on your experience. Eventually you will land or create the most wonderful job you’ve ever had. 

Note: I get it, we are in a weird time with COVID-19, many of the suggestions above are now virtual forums, and millions are unemployed. There’s never been a better time to build your network, volunteer to coach people online to fix their computer issues, or make them rockstars using Microsoft Teams. You’ve got skills, share them, volunteer your knowledge, teach, it will come back and you’ll be the first person called when the need to hire returns.

And, you don’t have to believe me, but I speak from truth and experience. Connect with me on LinkedIN  you’ll meet the professional career Beth, it’s a beautiful story, wonderful jobs, progressing titles, money, cars, award trips, great friends, travel, It’s all true, moments in time on top of the world, sometimes even for years. 

What you don’t see is life, we all have one, the social pressure, cost of living, family stress. The pandemic, this may be your first, but talk to many seasoned career seekers, and you’ll see our careers rebounded from the dot com boom/bust and the telecom corridor bust of 2001-03 , the financial crisis of 2008, the mid-career set-back, get the idea. 😊The Whatever, life may bring your way, challenge yourself to grow and put on your creative hat, you’ll bounce much higher when you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your job search. 

One last thing, you are AMAZING, and I’m very happy that you chose Divergence Academy to help you along your career journey. I was here to support you in the admissions process and I’m here to cheer you on in the placement process. If you are having difficulty finding the resources in your city that I mentioned in steps 1-7, please reach out on teams and I’ll put on my creative hat and google gloves to help steer you in the right direction. 

"Now, be brave and don't look back. Don't look back." 
-Shmi Skywalker tells her son Anakin as he embarks on a journey that will change his life. (Episode I: The Phantom Menace)

Best Wishes in Life and Career!