Virtual Career Fair Instructions for Students

(This content is designed for use in Symplicity CSM. We suggest posting it in the Resources section and adding the link to student emails or to the virtual career fair overview of each fair) 

  1. Go to (insert CSM url for students) to log in or click “forgot password” if you are new to the system.
  2. On the day of the fair, once you have logged in, go to Events/Career Fairs/Fall Virtual Career Fair and click Attend.
  3. You will be prompted to complete or update your Chat Profile.
  4. Set your Status to Online.
  5. Upload your resume, if you have not already done so. This is the only way to pass a resume to an employer during the fair.
  6. You can update your degree, major, graduation date and work authorization under Account/Academic, if your college allows for these changes.
  7. You can greet employers with your profile picture by uploading it under Account/Personal, if your college has enabled this feature.
  8. When the fair starts, go to the Employer tab and search and filter to find employers of interest.
  9. You can express interest in an employer by clicking on the star icon, which bring them to the top of your list. Employers can filter candidates using this expression of interest in the virtual career fair resume database.
  10. Click on the employer to view company profile and positions they are recruiting for.
  11. You can speak to employers in 1-on-1 video chats by clicking on Join Queue. The employers who you are waiting for will show up under Upcoming Chats along with estimated wait times.
  12. You can stand in multiple queues at once to maximize your number of video chats. Under Upcoming Chats, you can see how many total queues you are allowed to be in at one time.
  13. While you wait, you can join a group video chat with an employer by clicking on Group Chat. If you are in a group video chat, employers can still contact you for 1-on-1 video chats.
  14. If you are waiting in employer queues, make sure to stay within that virtual career fair. If you navigate away to other pages within the site, you may miss invitations from employers to video chat.
  15. When it’s your turn to video chat with an employer, you will see an alert pop up on the screen and hear a “ding” sound. (If using Safari, you will need to Allow Auto Play via Preferences/Websites/Allow Auto Play to hear the sound) Click on the alert to see instructions on how to video chat with the employer.
  16. Once you have started to video chat with an employer, watch the timer which will count down from the maximum time to zero. You also can see the positions that the employer is recruiting for.
  17. When you are done with your video chat, click End Chat, and you can write notes and use it for follow up after the fair.
  18. If you need to step away for a short break, set your Status to Busy. Employers will not be able to invite you to video chat.
  19. If you need to leave the fair, set your Status to Offline. You will be removed from any queues that you are currently in.
  20. When the fair is over, you can access your notes, the representative’s name and email, and use this information for thank you notes.  

Enjoy the fair!