What is a Student Success Advisor?

Student Success Advisors are committed to the advising process and make every effort to be accessible to students at that moment. The SSA fosters students in self-direction and understanding of personal responsibilities as advisees. SSA’s help students develop educational goals, identify ways to achieve those goals, and track their progress. SSA’s also provide resources for students and follow up to see if they require further assistance such as:

  • Present students with the options available so students can make the best possible decisions
  • Help students stay on track during each module
  • Discuss the link between academic preparation and future employment
  • Answer general school-related questions
  • Track attendance, expectations and success in courses
  • Make customized recommendations for academic progress
  • Advise students who are not meeting expectations
  • Act as the primary point of contact for basic financial aid questions
  • Support and advocate for students for when “life happens”
  • Liase for student and internal departments

Meet the Student Success Advisor Team

Jason Lawson

Director of Student Success

a man wearing a suit and tie
  • Retired US Army 01JAN2022 (Field Artillery Cannon Crew Member)
  • Divergence Alum 2021-06-CPPT-WD
  • Love to play golf and electric guitar
  • Family Man
  • Oklahoma Based
  • Extensive knowledge of leadership principles

E-mail: jason.lawson@divergence.one


Ashley Blue

Student Success Advisor/Career Services Liaison

  • Veteran Spouse
  • Outdoorsy Enthusiast
  • Mom to a sour patch kid
  • Live to connect, engage and assist others in pursuing their dreams!​​​​​​​
  • Coffee enthusiast

E-mail: ashley.blue@divergence.one


Antonio "Tony" Grant

Student Success Advisor

  • 100% Service-Connected Veteran
  • Interests are Softball, Weapons Training and Coaching Little League Sports
  • 8-year USMC veteran
  • Graduate of Divergence’s CPPT Program​​​​​​
  • Loves to try new restaurants

E-mail: antonio.grant@divergence.one


Sammie Cloud

​​​​​​​Student Success Advisor

  • 20 years Army retired (14R /31B). ​

  • Bachelor Degree in arts science and psychology ​

  • Born in Bellville Tx ​

  • Based out of the DFW area​

  • Hobbies:  Traveling, fitness, marksmanship, Sports 

E-mail: sammie.cloud@divergence.one


Kingsley "Kings" Scott

Student Success Advisor

  • 21 years retired Air Force veteran/
  • AF Wounded Warrior
  • Law Enforcement/Criminal Investigations/AF Career Assistance Advisor
  • Born/raised Brooklyn, NY
  • Love ALL NY Sport Teams
  • Fluent in "Brooklynese" language
  • Bowling, Cornhole, and Football are my passion
  • ​​​​​​​San Antonio based

E-mail: kingsley.scott@divergence.one​​​​​​​


Albert "Al" Feliciano

​​​​​​​Student Success Advisor

  • 9 years Army Infantry (11B). Still in TX National Guard
  • 7 years of experience in Law Enforcement/Securities
  • Background in Fullstack Software Engineering
  • NY native, 9 years a Texas transplant
  • Based out of the DFW area
  • Hobbies: cooking, trying new restaurants, fitness, marksmanship, rescuing dogs
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​E-mail: albert.feliciano@divergence.one